Day 2 (1) Madaba

In the morning of day two, we boarded a bus and proceeded to our first destination, Madaba, which undoubtedly should be the first stop for any explorer of the holy Land. Madaba (the city of mosaics) is about 20 minutes ride from the city. It is believed that the mosaic map of the holy land, now preserved in the St. George Greek Orthodox church, was used by the ancient travellors to the holy land. The 6th-century Byzantine mosaic map show the entire region from Jordan and Palestine in the north, to Egypt in the south. This map includes a fascinating plan of Jerusalem: on the left is the north gate from which two colonnaded streets run south. On the straight street through the heart of the city stands the domed Holy Sepulcher. Clearly inscribed above the north and east gates is the legend "Holy City of Jerusalem".

Other mosaic masterpieces found in the church of the Virgin and the Apostles and the Archaeological Museum, depict a rampant profusion of flowers and plants, birds and fish, animals and exotic beasts, as well as scenes from mythology and everyday pursuits of hunting, fishing and farming. Literally, hundreds of other mosaics from the 5th through the 7th centuries are scattered throughout Madaba's churches and homes.

The information center at Madaba in the traditional architecture is worth mentioning.

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