Day 4 (5) Dominus Flevit

We walked down the Hosanna way and entered the compound of Dominus Flevit Church. From the compound of the church full of Fig trees, we could have a panoramic view of the Valley of Josaphat. It is believed that it is from this place that Jesus wept over Jerusalem and perdicted the destruction of the tmple (Luke 19 - 41 / Matthew 23:37) . The Dominus Flevit Church - the meaning of the Church's name is "The cry of the Master". The church is in the shape of a tear, remembering Christ's tears. The church looks very cute and features a beautiful view of the city through its distinct chapel window. In front of the church we were shon a plant with long sharp throwns which is beleived to be the one used to make crown of throns of Jesus.

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