Day 4 (2) Into Jerusalem - Mount Olives -The Church of the Holy Ascension

From Bethlehem we proceeded to Jerusalem. We visited the Mount Olives. Our first stop was the Church of the Holy Ascension. This site though is the last one in order of events, happened to be our first stop. This church is built over the site believed to be the spot of Christ's ascension into heaven.
The Octagon shaped chapel is a very small one which can house hardly twenty people. It is located on the top of Mount of Olives, at 830M above sea level. In side the church in the center of the floor, is a stone with a cavity. According to tradition, it is an imprint of the foot of Jesus when he made the ascent to heaven.
The Church of the Holy Ascension was taken by Saladin in 1187 and converted into a mosque and remains such today. However pilgrims are allowed to celebrate ascension on Easter day, who cover the yard with tents during the ascension celebrations.

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