Day 3 (2) St. Joseph's Workshop

Near to the Basilica of Annunciation at walkable distance is St. Joseph's Church. Between the churches is the large Franciscan convent - Terra-Santa (Holy Land) with a beautiful garden and statues. Interestingly we did not see any more church in the Holy Land dedicated to St. Joseph. The church is located, according to early traditions, over the carpenter workshop of the Holy family. Later traditions identify this place as the house of Joseph and the Holy family.The caves underneath the church is supposed to be St. Joseph's Workshop.
We spent time in the church and walked back to the bus. On the pavement of the narrow street that goes down hill, we saw an old man on wheel chair playing a musical instrument. It seemed he was playing music to collect some money. Passing a small market place we boarded our bus and set off to Galilee.

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