Mid Night flight

Day 1 (May,9, 2009)
As per the itinerary of Royal Omania Travels, we gathered at Cochin International Airport at 10.30 PM on 10th. For three of us it was the first international travel. We were thrilled and of course a bit worried of things to turn up. Our worries turned out true when we checked in at the Air Arabia counter. We were advised by our guide to take drinking water with us since water was not served free with food in most places of our visit (I shall write more on this issue in the 'tips for travellers from Kerala', which I shall add towards the end of the whole description). Each of us had taken two 2 ltr bottles of water. This resulted in excess weight for our baggage. Another problem we had was to reduce the number of luggage, we used one big suitcase for two of us, thinking that weight of luggage will not be a problem since it was for two passengers(like in train). But the Airline had restrictions for weight and size of a single piece of luggage. Luckily for us we had just the right the size for our suitcase and weight also got right as we got rid of the water bottles.
We boarded an Airbus of Air Arabia at 1 AM. The midnight flight was a wonderful experience since none of us had flied at night before. Gliding through darkness for around three hours we landed at Sharjah International Airport. To our great relief, though we were part of a team, we were welcomed by my mother's cousin, George, who is an employee at the airport.
He re scheduled his shift to night to meet us. We spent nearly 6 hours in the airport waiting for our flight to Amman. George uncle's hospitality made us feel at home.
we were surprised to see the cleanliness of the air port, interestingly all the labourers in charge of cleaning were Indians. We had breakfast and lunch from the airport and left for Aman around noon.

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