To Amman

We arrived at Queen Alia Airport at Amman, the capital of Jordan in evening local time. The formalities at the airport were quick. The airport was a small one, even when compared to our Cochin Airport. After collecting our luggage we proceeded by two buses to hotel San Rock International by two buses. The city of Amman is a small but well designed city. Since we were not allowed to go out of the airport in Sharjah, we were yet to see the UAE. So I could not feel the smallness of Amman compared to the cities of UAE. But, coming from Kerala, Amman was large enough for me to feel the hype of a city and small enough for me to feel at home. We were informed that we can take rest for the rest of the day. The hotel was fairly comfortable. We had yet to mingle or acquaint ourselves as a group. Being a lone traveller, I was allotted a triple room with another two lone travellers, whom I later recognised as Mr. Patrick and Fr. Alex Koodaram. But they were friends and were travelling together, so they had no problem staying together. I did not stay in that room, but three of stayed in the other room since it was big enough for three. Later on in the trip this problem did not occur since we informed our guide we three of us can stay in one room and requested for triple room. We spent some time to look around the hotel. Opposite to the hotel a skyscraper was being constructed. Near by the hotel there were some shops, basically provision shops. Some of our group members were seen shopping. We did not venture to shopping since we were told if we pay in dollar, the change will be given in local currency which is of no use anywhere else.
We were asked to assemble in the conference hall of the hotel around seven for daily prayer. There was an informal prayer lead by the two priests in our group, Fr. Alex and Fr. John. I remember a couple in the group distributing sweets to celebrate their wedding anniversary, unfortunately I forgot their names. Our guide Alley briefed us of the next day’s plan and we proceeded for dinner. The dinner was buffet and the dishes were mostly western. Since I had decided to remain a vegetarian (a decision I took voluntarily partially out of my love for vegetarian food and partially not to leave Rosy alone, who is a vegetarian), I did not try most of the dishes which were made of meat.
Went to sleep thinking of home, Jaicy and kids, and wondering how my motherland missed me as I am not there for the first time in 39 years !

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  1. Hi Chacko, I just started reading your travelogue and already like it very much. Your descriptions about the perils of baggage weight restrictions and the excitement around the first night time air travel are very realistic. Looking forward to reading the rest of your experiences and "seeing the Holy Land" through your eyes! Best Wishes, Joseph Chowallur