Day 4 (10) Mary's Spring, Ein Kerem

Mary's Spring, Ein Kerem
As we walked down hill, we did a little bit of shopping. Purchased small leather shoulder bags for children back home. By the time we reached the parking lot, our team had walked further down to Mary's spring.
This is a spring which was the center of the ancient village. According to tradition, virgin Mary stopped here to drink while visiting John the Baptist's parents.
The spring was the nucleus of the Canaanite city in the Bronze period, and its waters were used as the main source of water for thousands of years since then. Ein Kerem is named after the spring (Hebrew: Ein = spring, Kerem = vineyard).

A 30M rock tunnel was constructed during the second temple period in order to increase the spring's capacity.

According to Christian tradition, virgin Mary stopped here to drink from the spring, and was named after Mary. Therefore, the spring is Holy for Christians. Pilgrims used to tap these waters into bottles and take them back home as a holy souvenirs.

A mosque, whose tower rises above the structure of the spring, was built over Mary's spring in the 2nd half of the 19th C.


This was the last destination of our 4th Day's visit. It was a long day, but one that gave great joy especially due to the visit to Bethlehem. It was like the greatest wish of a life time coming true. We went back to 7 Arches Hotel, Jerusalem on the top of Mount Olives. The view from the front of the hotel is spectacular - the whole of old city of Jerusalem is visible from here.

The Church of Visitation

Believed to be built over the home of John the Baptist's parents, the Church of the Visitation stands high up on the hillside of Ein Kerem. We did not get time to visit this church.

Further details on this church available at

1. http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/Visitation.html

2. http://www.sacred-destinations.com/israel/jerusalem-church-of-visitation.htm



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