Day 8 - Farewell to Cairo - Alexandria

Farewell to Cairo
We did a little bit of shopping from a shop in front of the hotel. We were surprised to see the price differentials in this shop and the shops in the city, even for bottled drinking water. We were also shocked when we settled our telephone bills. As per the norms of Egypt, you have to pay for un answered telephone calls. We had made several attempts to call our homes in the two days since no body picked up the phone as they were away. This we felt was really unfair. This I think is the only mention worthy shortfall from our tour organisers in India. They did not clearly mention this trap, if at all they did only those who sat in the front of the bus heard.

To Alexandria - Mediterranean Sea
Our return flight was from Alexandria. We left our hotel around noon and reached Alexandria by evening. It was a fairly long journey. We spent time at the sea shore of the Mediterranean Sea. We had our dinner in a restaurant with full of fish. By midnight we boarded our Air Arabia Flight to Sharjah ending our week long encounter with the Holyland.

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